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On the 02/01/1967, due to engine breakdown and in dense fog, the Portuguese wooden motor-coaster PONTA DE SAGRES went aground on the rocks near the river Ued Sebou, Moulay Bouselham, about 40 miles north of Kenitra on the Moroccan Coast. Meanwhile, the local maritime authorities started searching the distress crew, after her skipper, Master Antonio Paulo, 56 years old, from Olhão, having sent a “Mayday” message, which was listen by Tanger Coasting Radio Station. The eight crewmembers were met and saved by local fishermen, about 3 miles of Moulay Bouselham, only on the next day, after a long walk on the sands.
Later the vessel, loaded with fertilisers and general cargo from Lisbon for Kenitra, broke in two and was considered a total constructive loss, as well as her cargo. The vessel was partly insured.
Some years before, the PONTA DE SAGRES was news in the press too, because she was in risk of being wrecked near the Azores, owing having made water, but fortunately she reached Ponta Delgada without further trouble.
The PONTA DE SAGRES was built by Mr. José de Lemos, Faro, in 1947, as a wooden two mast auxiliary schooner for Sociedade Algarvia de Navegação.,Lda, Faro. About three years before the vessel having been transferred to Messrs. Vieira Pita, Lda, Faro, and she was converted in a two holds coaster with a new 6 cylinder diesel engine of 400 HP. Later a new propeller was installed to increase her speed.
The PONTA DE SAGRES had the following particulars: Tonnages, gross 298,63; net 163,45 and LOA 41,73 metres. Her usual route was in the Portuguese coastal traffic and also Portugal/Morocco service with eventual trips to Azores. In her earlier days she made trips to some French ports of Biscay. She was a typical coaster vessel with the funnel ahead of the bridge in contrast with the usual Dutch type.
Meanwhile in 1968, her owners purchased from Secil-Cia. Geral de Cal e Cimento, Setubal, the motor-coaster SECIL, 47m/427gt, completed in 04/1938 by the De Haan & Oerlemans, Heusden, The Netherlands, being renamed DAVID NUNES, in order to replace the ill-fated PONTA DE SAGRES. The "DAVID NUNES" was deleted from LR in 1988.
Rui Amaro
Source: Oporto Press
PS – This text was partly published in the June 1967 “Marine News –World Ship Society” by Kapitein Jean M. Otten, master of Dutch motor-vessel GITANA with my collaboration.

The two masts auxilary schooner "PONTA DE SAGRES" in her earlier days. /Press image/.

The wooden motor-coaster "PONTA DE SAGRES" outbound river Douro, Oporto, with a shipment of dust coal. in the 60s./My photo/.

The motor-coaster "SECIL" inbound river Douro, loading bagged cement, 01-1960./My photo/.

The motor-coaster "DAVID NUNES" inbound river Douro, Oporto, loading bagged cement, on the 20-11-1977./My photo/.

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